Gallery Behaviour Options

WP Flow Plus

The images in the carousel will by default link to a Lightbox enlargement of the image. Alternatively, you may specify a URL to link to each image from the Media Library. This link address should be configured in the image uploader/editor of the Media Library.

  • Open URL links in same window – check to enable
  • Reflection scripts:
    • CSS – supported by all modern browsers (including IE8+)
    • V2 – works on most servers ** DEPRECATED
    • V3 – like V2 but also supports transparent PNGs ** DEPRECATED
    • Disable reflections – use the gallery without reflections
  • Strict mode – this option is provided to be used with V2 or V3 reflections. Some servers do not allow images to be referenced by URL, this option will then provide a relative path. ** DEPRECATED
  • Enable auto rotation – the gallery will rotate automatically, this may be disabled in the shortcode for each gallery instance.
  • Auto rotation pause – how long to delay between slides in the carousel.