Using the Media Library

WP Flow Plus

Upload images using the WordPress image uploader on your post or page or into the media library.

The title will be used as the image caption. The description will be displayed in the Lightbox below the title.

If you want the image to link to a URL, enter the address in the WP Flow Plus link field in the image editor (ie: If the link field does not contain a URL, the image will link to the Lightbox.


WP Flow Plus image link

Shortcode options for images from the Media Library

  • id – specifies a page/post ID. The images attached to that ID will be used in the carousel.
  • order (default is ASC) – values are ASC or DESC
  • orderby (default is menu_order ID) – standard WordPress orderby values are accepted
  • include – list of image IDs to include
  • exclude – list of image IDs to exclude
  • mediatag – Works with the Media Tags plugin by Paul Menard. This option will pull matching media out of your media library and include it in the gallery. Specify the media slug to select. Example use:  mediatag=mymedia
  • startimg – Gives the starting slide number to center in the gallery, the default is 1.
  • rotate – Turns on/off auto-rotation for this instance (overrides the setting from the admin panel). Values are ‘on’ or ‘off’.
  • samewindow – Set true or false, overrides the default value from the settings page.

To force specific images in a prescribed order, use the “include” option with orderby=”post__in”. The images will appear in the order listed in the shortcode.