Using a Folder

WP Flow Plus

  1. Create a folder for your galleries within your WordPress installation, wherever you want. The location has to be accessible from the internet – for example you could use wp-content/galleries.
  2. Upload your image galleries to a subfolder of this folder, for example you might upload your images under “wp-content/galleries/myphotos“.
  3. Set the “Path to galleries from homepage root path” in the settings admin page for WP Flow Plus. Enter the path with trailing slash like: “wp-content/galleries/“. Alternatively you may also enter the full path like “” – this works around problems on some server configurations. Note that the gallery must reside on the same server as the blog. If you have entered the gallery path correctly you will see a list of the sub-directories on the settings page.
  4. Insert a gallery on a page by specifying the shortcode wp-flowplus dir=myphotos on your post or page.

This gallery style will display the image names as the captions, and will link to the full size image Lightbox gallery.

Shortcode options for galleries based on a folder of images

  • startimg – Gives the starting slide number to center in the gallery, the default is 1.
  • rotate – Turns on/off auto-rotation for this instance (overrides the setting from the admin panel). Values are ‘on’ or ‘off’.
  • samewindow – Set true or false, overrides the default value from the settings page.